Product Brand

Original - Reliability and Trusted Quality

ensures the interest of our customers by providing the best quality products by protecting it worldwide with Trademark thus enabling to fight against the counterfeit products. From the time of inception in 2001 we were focused to protect the brand from counterfeit and pass the benefits to our customers.

Trusted and committed image of spare parts encourages the product pirates to copy products, packaging or even copy our design to introduce the low quality products in the market. To avoid such activities takes an extra step to ensure the visible and invisible signs of safety features on our products, packaging and communications. Our step is to avoid counterfeit product and to ensure road safety of trucks, trailers and buses.

We go an extra mile to educate our customers about the product and features so they can identify products through flyers, which are available on our website.

The entire product label shows the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), with a product image, a QR code and a hologram with the logo.

Spare Parts – Reliability and Trusted Quality



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